Monday, May 10, 2010

Pulitzer-Prize Nominated

Back in my undergrad days, there was an upperclass man who touted himself as a "theater major who had never read Shakespeare." He was bald by choice, Hispanic and loud. He wanted everyone to know that he was in da house. But hey, something worked. A decade after he's done with his badass self from NYU, he went to Brooklyn College, he has six plays under his belt, grew hair, and was recently nominated for a Pulitzer for his latest play, "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety." The playwright's name - Kristoffer Diaz. He splices hiphop and theater.

Somehow, even if it's not me, I feel heartened. Kris is only 32. I'm not that far away from his heels. I'll be there one day on that coveted pedestal, standing, raising my arms and looking up at the sky saying, "I made it."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brooklyn College

Victory! My sister just called and said I received a letter from Brooklyn College. I went to work so I missed the mail this afternoon.

I got in! It's not the MFA but the MA. It's still good. What a load off!

I will still write fiction but I will be doing a lot of theory work.

Bhaktin, Saussure, Foucalt, Derrida, I come (again).

Meera Nair

I am taking a six-week writing course at the Asian American Writer's Workshop with the writer Meera Nair (no, not the filmmaker and yes, they have the same name). She wrote a short story collection called VIDEO. I haven't read it yet. I recently put it on hold from my library. I heard it's good. She caught the wave after Jhumpa Lahiri so she wasn't as publicized I guess.

"Get your characters in trouble as soon as possible otherwise it's not interesting."
- Meera Nair