Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tis the Season for the Sniffles

It started gently. It was an itch in the throat. Then there was the aching of the joints. Then the feeling came that pillows were lodged inside my throat. I knew I was in trouble. Damn. Flu season has started and I've been infected. Who's the culprit? Maybe it was Dixon from work who kept saying he didn't feel well and eventually went home. Or maybe because the weather suddenly made an about-face and blue-balled into a shriveling cold front. Or maybe because I've been exercising myself so much to the point of fatigue thanks to the super-strength I received from doing a colonic hydrotherapy and an ion foot bath. But it doesn't matter how it started. All that matters now is to get better.

Things to do:
1) Drink plenty of fluids (no alcohol unless it's in a cough syrup)
2) Rest
3) Take garlic capsules (garlic is really mother nature's antibiotics)
4) Plot (I could think about how I should be taking over the world)
5) Write (This blog counts)
6) Read (Other blogs count)
7) Pray (God, please take away what Thou has given)

I just started grad school and now I have to miss a class. I'll be missing the discussion on Macrobius' Commentary on Scipio's Dream and the Book of Revelation. Oh well...