Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hunter College's English Department Conference or Something Like That

Wow. I just received notice that my proposal (for a paper) was accepted for a panel in the English Department of Hunter College. I'm so shocked.
Also, I am so scared - like shitless scared. I haven't actually worked on the paper since I submitted the proposal because I thought that I probably wouldn't get in since rejection seems to be the story of my life. But, really, I'm so surprised. For once, I was accepted into something in a quasi-professional level in the world of academia. I don't really count my entrance to the graduate MA English Dept of Brooklyn College since I didn't exactly apply to the program in the first place. My admission was re-routed from the MFA Fiction program.

But I don't really know how to go about doing a conference paper. I have about three weeks to write a really good one. Of course, this is besides the fact that I have to write my final paper for my stupid Intro to Critical Theory course as well as re-write a story for my fiction writing course. Jesus Christ.

It'll be an exciting next few weeks. I thought I would just wallow in some self-pity while doing my papers and whatever it is I am writing but now there is an added pressure of this conference.

Am I complaining?

Kind of.

But, hey, I'm so glad I got into this conference. Now all I need to do is write an awesome paper.

Wish me luck; better yet, pray for me and for my academic salvation.

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