Friday, March 2, 2012

some thoughts

I wish I could wrap my thoughts around how I feel. But whichever way they turn, they return to the issue of love. What is it? Who receives it and who creates it? What happens when it goes away? Why does it go away? Then, if it does, was it love in the first place?

So is love an ephemeral thing?
Is it that capricious?


But is it love?


But love changes a person.

True love does anyway --

So maybe love is not that thing that flies away, frightened upon the slightest movement from the wind.

I want to say to the world

I love you
I want to hug you
I want to open my rib cage
rip my heart out
and put you there
I want to cradle you
protect you
I want you to breathe
my breath
when you breathe
I breathe
as my heart beats
I want you to feel
my heart
and be in bliss
to know it
caress it
and realize that
your heart beats

The world has become smaller
a heart in my hand

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